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73. justin! - Phony [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[juil. 23e, 2005|02:07 am]
[Music |The Sky Lit Up - PJ Harvey]



[User Picture]From: smoothjazzv987
2005-07-23 06:13 am (UTC)
so ok.
last night we went to see amy.
we broke it down to grand rapids at club metro.
then we went uptown to check out amys place but decided to go to 75 to look for her instead.
so at 75 shes not there. we talk to these guys who are like "yeah we know her." and they give us shady ass directions. so we walk all up and down the street and get harrassed by a guy who accuses us of being cat burglers. we think we find the house, but a sign that says "synthetic wigs" is in front of it, and the address doesnt match the one that dude at 75 gave us, so we polaroid the front door and bring it back to the guy at 75. he tells us thats the right door, and tells us a few places where amy might be spotted hanging out.
so in true silk stalkings style, we check out all the places.
first we go to 76, and did not find her. then we go to Logan, and talk to a guy who tells us she "was here... a while ago" he tells us he thinks shes at 76. so we go back to 76 to double check. shes not there.
so were on our way to the "cone zone" to find her and i get pulled over for having "a cracked windshield and/or muffler" fucker.
we dont find her at the cone zone so we go back to the house in a last final attempt at finding her.
she was home!!
mission: accomplished.
we hang out with her and her friends at the cone zone. her roommate mandy was kind of a bitch, adriennes boyfriend was kind of weird, and the closeted kid was kind of weird too (but not as weird as adriennes boyfriend) but the guy from saudi arabia was cool as fuck.
then we drove home and i crashed at ryans.

thanks amy for a cool night.
and adrienne ryan and big momma.
love you all.

i have monday off wheres the party at? wheres the bacardi at??

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From: agsux
2005-07-23 08:02 am (UTC)
hahaha so because i talk to a guy he is my boyfriend?!!!!!!!
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[User Picture]From: smoothjazzv987
2005-07-23 09:50 am (UTC)
shut up you were totally into each other!!
it was like a fairy tale!
birds were singing and stuff. everybody was totally staring at you two!!!


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[User Picture]From: smoothjazzv987
2005-07-23 09:58 am (UTC)

obsessive love

Worries and doubts about your partner or need of a partner are common in everyday life. However, when they become excessive then a diagnosis of obsession is made. It is as though the brain gets stuck on the thought of a particular person (or people) and just can't let go. People with this disorder often say the symptoms feel like a case of mental hiccups that won't go away. It is a medical brain disorder that causes problems in information processing. It is not your fault or the result of a "weak" or unstable personality.

Obsessions are thoughts, images, or impulses that occur over and over again and feel out of your control. The person does not want to have these feelings, and finds them disturbing and intrusive. Obsessions are accompanied by uncomfortable feelings, such as fear, disgust, or doubt.

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[User Picture]From: smoothjazzv987
2005-07-23 10:06 am (UTC)

Re: obsessive love

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